1.  Download the latest VPC Configuration Software from our official support portal:
    Click here to go to the download section.

  2.  Run the installer .exe and select your install directory or leave as the default.

  3. Create desktop shortcuts for convenience. For easy setup, we recommend unticking "Pro Mode" (can be enabled later if necessary) and leaving "VPC Devices USB Filter" ticked.

  4. After the installation has completed, run the VPC Software Suite.

  5. After opening the VPC Software Suite for the first time, it is likely that your device firmware will need to be updated. Navigate to the "FIRMWARE" tab (1) and click "Start Auto Firmware Update" (2). Typically the update will complete in less than a minute and the VPC device will automatically restart a number of times. If the update has stopped for longer than a minute, try selecting the VPC Device from the device list menu (3).

  6. After the firmware update has completed, click on the "PROFILE" tab (4). Select the grip and base that corresponds to the device you're setting up (5) - ensure the correct options are selected otherwise some device features or inputs may work incorrectly or not at all. Select device installation side (left or right). Enable "Split to Virtual Devices 32 Buttons" if you play any games that do not support single controllers with more than 32 buttons.
    Click "Create Profile" (6) to complete the profile creation process. Your VPC device will automatically restart.

  7. Next it is necessary to calibrate your VPC Device. Click on the "AXIS" tab (7) and then click "Calibrate Axes" (8).

  8. For proper calibration, move all axis to the minimum and maximum position 3-4 times and then return all control axis including dials, sliders, levers etc to their center/neutral position. Click "Save Calibration to Profile" (9) and the calibration will be applied to your device. Your VPC device will automatically restart.

  9. Repeat this procedure for any other VPC devices you have.

  10. You're now ready to fly with your VPC controllers!

A Few Tips...

  • If you have multiple VPC devices, it is necessary to connect them one at a time until the initial setup is completed.
  • It is recommended to connect your VPC devices directly to your motherboard USB ports.
  • The VPC Software will only work correctly with its respective firmware version (the VPC Software version is listed in the program title bar and the currently loaded device firmware version is listed on the device list name). 
  • If you are having difficulties completing a firmware update, try running the VPC Software as an administrator and disabling anti-virus software. 
  • If you are having any difficulties setting up your VPC Software, please email us at support@virpil.com or create a ticket at https://support.virpil.com and our tech support team will assist you ASAP.